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We create innovative solutions and partnerships that solve common industry challenges.

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About Highlander Factory

Highlander Factory is a for-profit corporation owned by the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII).

The role of Highlander Factory is to provide an avenue for NJII to bring unique commercial offerings, services and solutions to market. At Highlander Factory we develop new businesses and partnerships to meet industry recognized needs and launch new technologies and services. 


Our Businesses

We do business in the healthcare and biopharma industries under brand names that resonate with our clients.

Please visit their respective websites to learn more about the teams that run these businesses, their offerings and their unique value proposition.

BioCentriq was created to bring industry, government and technology leaders together to solve the most pressing challenges facing cell and gene therapy developers.

We are a full-service contract development manufacturing organization with two state-of-the-art facilities and workforce development arm.

Healthcare Innovation Solutions (HCIS) offers reporting and consulting services for the healthcare industry. Most notably, we work with Medicare providers to satisfy their Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) requirements and we help hospitals satisfy the objectives of the NJ Quality Improvement Program.

Current Partnerships

Our partners all have innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the economy, their respective industry and/or the environment.

We work with them to bring those solutions to market.


COI Energy is a digital energy management platform that offers energy efficiency, carbon management and capacity trading services.

We work with utilities, government, commercial, and industry organizations to help them adopt COI's platform and drive building efficiency, optimize the electric grid, and minimize energy waste.


Gradarius™ is the world’s first freeform online calculus learning platform, which offers immediate feedback, and guided problem solving  at any time of the day or night.

Our goal is to introduce educators and students to the platform so students reach greater depths of understanding while instructors save time and gain significant insight into their classes’ strengths.


ViRvii was founded in 2019 to merge virtual reality with art and enable users and content providers to customize and share their own virtual reality experiences in either a public or private setting.

We help create immersive and interactive virtual reality solutions that ensure knowledge transfer and accelerate the adoption of critical skills.

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